Monday, May 14, 2007

nerds unite


anyone who's tempted to read some delish lit. should check out this new book blarg:

an open blog of bookworms

it's a great opportunity to learn about some fetching works from each other, or to get a push in speeding up your book consumption whilst waiting for the train or if you've some time to kill as your porridge simmers.

we'll learn

and fly

and dig




diz explained so much better:

there is a casting for nerd-e-licious book-o-philes via bert's and my profiles. we are to begin a new online book club in t-one week. all who'd like to join in are welcome, so long as you really dig reading and think you'd assist others--and benefit from--tackling some great works together. you should be advised this is serious bidness; literary pretentiousness is completely lame and very highly wanted (oops!). so come on down!